The philosophy of consulting at Uncommon Approach is centered around hearing the problem, concern or situation. It's about applying a set of unique experiences and an unusual skill set to understanding the challenge. It's about synthesizing a wide range of information to derive the various options and approaches for achieving the best solution for the client. Rob Aurbach listens and seeks to understand. Every set of circumstances is unique and solutions need to be appropriate for the specific environment. Rob works collaboratively with the people who are most familiar with the concern to make sure the solution fits the purpose and applies their practical knowledge. Rob delivers promised output on time and within the project budget. The assignments Rob accepts are ones that present an exciting and unique challenge and allows him to provide the highest level of service.

Information Synthesis
Robert Aurbach has an exceptional history of key contributions in multiple fields, at the state and national level, achieved through the ability to identify and bridge knowledge and practice gaps through synthesis of available information.
  • Facilitated a series of stakeholder engagement meetings across Australia that disclosed unsuspected national consensus on a variety of matters.
  • Assisted the AU Department of Veteran's Affairs and Comcare to assess work processes, disclosing blockers, delays and gaps.
  • Assisted the Navajo Nation (largest US Indigenous population) in translating traditional values into a highly effective workers' compensation program.

Business Solutions
Robert Aurbach has a passion for facilitating the successful development and implementation of innovative strategic and tactical solutions in response to business challenges in an increasingly complex and global environment.
  • Provided leadership in statutory and regulatory reform in New Mexico, Delaware, the Navajo Nation, and other jurisdictions resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Provided assistance to the Australian national rehabilitation provider community in development of branding, training and regulatory interaction.
  • Provided cost analysis of workflow, allowing the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation programs to provide additional services in a cost-neutral environment.

Legal Expertise
Robert Aurbach has been involved in the development of legal, regulatory and legislative frameworks in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Developed regulatory frameworks and text for WorkCover NSW, New Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, the Navajo Nation and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Program.
  • Developed legislative materials (and often provided expert testimony in support of) reform efforts in New Mexico, Navajo Nation, Delaware, Kentucky and California.
  • Chief legal counsel for New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration for 15 years.

Decision Leadership
Robert Aurbach has provided competent management of complex projects with diverse stakeholders and multiple competing priorities.
  • Managed stakeholder negotiations for complete rewrite of workers' compensation legislation in Delaware.
  • Managed stakeholder negotiations and public hearing processes for New Mexico for 15 years.
  • Public advocate for collaborative stakeholder engagement in the regulatory process.